Pär Hjalmarsson

image002 (1)MSc Engineering Physics

European Patent Attorney

Pär advises clients in patenting issues, including patentability investigations and deals with drafting and prosecution of patent applications. Pär has obtained an MSc in Engineering Physics from Lund University, with emphasis on optics/spectroscopy and measurement/medical technology. He has also taken courses in nanophysics. Following this, he continued by studying towards a PhD at Newcastle University, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, investigating the use of NIR spectroscopy for non-invasive measurements of turbid materials. After finishing his research he held a position as Project and Product Development Scientist, at a start-up company in UK, working with novel measurement techniques within the area of biochemistry. Prior to joining KIPA Pär worked as a patent attorney in private practice, within the fields of electronics, mechanics and optics.

You may contact Pär directly by e-mail: par@kipa.se.