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Brief History
 – KIPA is a European Intellectual Property (IP) company founded in 2006 to provide highly specialized professional IP advice to the medical device industry.  KIPA has earned a reputation as one of the best IP firms in this field.  Now we provide IP services for diverse clients  involved with innovations in a variety of technologies including alternative fuels, biotech, and chemistry.

Who We Are – KIPA employs experienced professionals authorized to represent clients to the European Patent Office (EPO), including former examiners from EPO. 

What We Do –  We get to know our clients,  their technologies, their needs, and  their goals; then we deliver.  We use our  knowledge of trade secrets, patents, designs, trademarks, oppositions, litigation, and enforcement of rights, to develop targeted, global IP strategies customized to each client’s specific needs and limitations.  Our  practitioners often work closely with carefully vetted associates around the globe to obtain IP rights for our clients around the world.  We collaborate with selected attorneys in many nations to defend the IP rights of our clients and/or invalidate patents when our clients are accused of inrfingement.  Avoiding litigation altogether saves money and frustration so we also perform Freedom to Operate, novelty, invalidity, trademark, and design searches, Due Dilligence analyses, and patentability opinions.  We always do our best for our clients and they reward us with long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships and recommendations to their colleagues.

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