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Throughout this website the abbreviation “IP” refers to patents, registered designs and logos, trademarks, domain names, proprietary technical or commercial information or know-how, copyrights, database rights, semiconductor design information, rights on computer software, etc.

Throughout this website the abbreviations “KIPA” or “KIPA AB” refer to Krahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors AB.

KIPA applies the terms and conditions of the Association of Swedish Patent Attorneys.

Feel free to contact KIPA AB at mail@kipa.se.
BEWARE: Do not use unencrypted e-mail for confidential communications. USE OF ENCRYPTION SOFTWARE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. KIPA AB uses PGP for encrypting e-mail messages. The PGP public key for secure e-mail communication with Erik Krahbichler is available on request.

This website www.kipa.se is maintained by Erik Krahbichler, Krahbichler Intellectual Property Advisors AB, erik@kipa.se.

“Auktoriserat IP-ombud” (Swedish Authorized IP Attorney) is the designation of persons who are organized in the Swedish Intellectual Property (IP) Attorneys Association:
Sveriges IP-ombuds Samfund (IP-Samfundet)
Humlegårdsgatan 20, 1 tr
Se-114 46 Stockholm
Telephone +46 (0)8-545 891 98
Fax +46 (0)8-545 891 99
Web: www.ip-samfundet.se

“European Patent Attorney” is the designation of such persons who are admitted for professional representation before the European Patent Office in accordance with the regulations of the European Patent Convention.
All European Patent Attorneys are members of the epi Institute which acts as a supervisory Authority as far as the capacity of a “European Patent Attorney” is concerned:
Tal 29
D-80331 Munich
Tel.: ++49 89 242052-0
Fax: ++49 89 242052-20
e-Mail: info@patentepi.com
Web: www.patentepi.com

The “Code of Conduct” for European Patent Attorneys is available via:

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