A trademark is a word, sign, logo or similar mark used to identify a brand name related to certain products and/or services.  If you produce a product or provide a service you should use a trademark to distinguish your product/services  from those of your competitors and potential copiers.  A trademark indicates the source of goods/services and registering a trademark provides notice to the public of your claim of ownership of the mark and the exclusive right to use the mark on, or in connection with, the goods/services you provide. It is through your trademark the consumers of your products or services will know that the product or service originates from your company and is associated with a certain level of quality. The exclusive right granted through a trademark registration allows you to take action against competitors copying your mark. Without proper protection, you run the risk of being prevented from using your mark, having to start the process over, and creating a new mark to be associated with your products or services. KIPA assists you during all of the trademark process with strategic advice and skilled assistance to help you obtain trademark protection in the countries where you want a registered trademark.