Unitary Patent Package Update

KIPA participated in the Unitary Patent Package Conference 2015 in Amsterdam February 5th and 5th.
KIPA is thus acquainted with the latest news and developments regarding the Unitary Patent system and the Unified Patents court.
The new system will be up and running in 2016, but it is smart to take decisions and measures already now during 2015!
The new unitary patent package will have deep impact on future European Patent Strategy.
KIPA has already now several patent attorneys with the required litigation certificate for acting before the Unified Patent Court.
The KIPA team is happy to advise you accordingly.

At the Conference we dealt a o with updates from the Preparatory Committee; Results of Public Hearing & most important changes Rules of Procedure.
Also, practical issues, implementing rules & costs/fees discussion concerning the Unitary Patent were held. Fees are still not determined, but the process is well underway. Fees will have a decisive impact on the acceptance of the new system and hence its success or failure.
In addition, the transitional period & opt-out system were discussed how it will work in practice.
Another topic was litigation (infringement/revocation) strategies at the Unified patent court.
Discussions were excellent, including panel discussions of European patent judges from major jurisdictions.