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Mock Trial before the UPC

The UJUB, Union pour la Jurisdiction Unifiée du Brevet, recently organized a mock trial as an educational experiment to elucidate how the Unified Patent Court’s (UPC) agreement and regulations would work out in practice. The purpose of the mock trial held in Paris on 2 April 2015 was to test […]

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Recent Decisions of EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal

EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal has issued a number of decisions recently. Two decisions relate to Patentability of plants and plant products under the EPC. One decision relates to Clarity of claims and amended claims in opposition and appeal proceedings before the EPO. …

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Unitary Patent Package Update

KIPA participated in the Unitary Patent Package Conference 2015 in Amsterdam February 5th and 5th. KIPA is thus acquainted with the latest news and developments regarding the Unitary Patent system and the Unified Patents court. The new system will be up and running in 2016, but it is smart to […]

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Norway joins the London Agreement

Norway has joined the London Agreement, which significantly reduces translation costs for those seeking patent protection in Norway.  With the inclusion of Norway, all of the Nordic countries – Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Iceland are a part of the London agreement. 

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First Filing in Sweden – An Option with Advantages

For national Swedish patent applications filed on or after 01 July 2014, the application may be examined entirely in English. A complete description of recent changes to the Swedish Patents Act is available at the PRV website: Under the America Invents Act (AIA), a new priority founding application filed after […]

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KIPA Establishes Presence in Gothenburg

We are very happy to welcome Linus Byström to the KIPA team. Linus has a background as a European Patent Attorney in private practice as well as Head of IP in a multinational medical device company. KIPA is establishing presence in Gothenburg as an important step in our successful growth […]

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